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About Akinon Commerce Cloud

Powering next-generation omnichannel experiences

Akinon Commerce Cloud is a platform as a service (PaaS) environment for Akinon’s Cloud Services such as Akinon Commerce, Omnitron, Akinon OMS, Akinon Instore App, and Akinon Native AppBuilder.

Akinon Commerce Cloud essentially offers continuous delivery of cloud-based services, unifying the way your e-commerce bussiness engages with application services, process data and stores over any channel or device. Our strong, fast and easily scalable platform provides you a wide range of benefits over traditional e-commerce solutions such as;

  • Reducing cost & simplifing IT management with our proven infrastructure
  • Increasing revenue and conversion rates blowing past your competition
  • Leveraging this ultimate solution for your goals, global expansion, and omnichannel management.

Akinon Commerce Cloud is the single platform you need to rule all your business! It enables you to fully meet your following business needs;

Centralised Data Orchestration

Connect your CRM, ERP and 3rd party systems, unifying and actioning all the data collected from your in-store apps, native apps, OMS and commerce sales platforms and combine all these data resources in a single centralized platform.

Advanced Product Information and Catalogue Management System

Manage all your omnichannel operations and customize multiple inventory sources and price lists with an advanced catalogue and product management system to optimize your time and delivery.

Advanced Omnichannel Capabilities

Build seamless customer experiences from any device, bridging the online and in-store gap with features such as click and collect, in-store search and more.

Campaign Management

Create promotions, coupons, discounts and campaigns for selected products and segmented audiences within any of your sales channels from a single platform, optimizing your digital marketing strategies.

Flexible and Easy Setup E-commerce Storefront

Built your multi-language e-commerce storefront platform in a quickest and easiest way and/or easily integrate with any sales channels from marketplaces to B2B

Seamless Order Management System

Turn stores into distribution centers and optimize inventory allocation and reduce fulfillment time and cost with advanced order routing algorithms.

In-store Fulfillment

Combine and access inventories from physical stores and warehouses, leveraging data to meet your customers’ needs online and in-store fostering customer loyalty and membership subscriptions.