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Akinon CLI is an application designed to enable managing projects and applications on Akinon Commerce Cloud through the command-line interface.


Download project code on Python 3.6 or higher version, and create virtual environment. The system will be ready to use when the below commands are launched in the project array.

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python install


In Akinon Commerce Cloud, each user is the member of an Account. For each user, an Account is created automatically when they first sign up. Authorized users on Account can add new users from CLI or from the interface. It is currently not possible to create membership on CLI application.

After typing a command in the CLI, information about the necessary parameters and what that command does can be obtained with the -h parameter.


akinoncli users -h

Before you start using the CLI, you need to launch a command to set the URL to which the CLI client will send requests. You can complete this process by launching below command. It does not produce any outcome.

akinoncli base-url set


Akinon CLI contains commands designed for developers.

Identity Verification

The user first has to verify their identity to carry out projects, applications and other actions on Akinon CLI. If a user has already logged in with an identity, they need to log out of the previous session to log in with a different identity.

  • akinoncli login

Users log-in by entering their e-mail address and password.

  • akinoncli logout

The account logs out for the logged-in identity and related information is deleted.

Public Keys

The user must add a public key to enable access to code storage of applications in the projects. Code storage cannot be accessed otherwise.

  • akinoncli publickey create {key}

User adds public key.

keytext in the .ssh/ fileYes


akinoncli publickey create "ssh-rsa AAAAB..."

  • akinoncli publickey list

Lists existing Public Keys.

  • akinoncli publickey delete {ID}

Removes public key.

IDPublic Key IDYes


In Akinon Commerce Cloud, users can upload and publish their own applications or use applications published by other users in their projects.

To be able to publish an application, it should be managed with the Git version control system. Once the application is created in Akinon Commerce Cloud, the user can send the code storage to the Git address provided if the user has added a Public Key.

For an application to be compiled and issued by Akinon Commerce Cloud, the home directory should contain a file titled akinon.json.

  • akinoncli application create {name} {slug} {is_private}

It creates a new application.

nameApplication NameYes
slugApplication Slug (it should be unique)Yes
is_privateWhether the application can be shared or not. (true/false)Yes

Once the application is successfully created, the list command should be launched to find out the Git address.

  • akinoncli application list

It lists the applications.

When the applications are listed, the code storage address of the application in Clone URLAkinon Commerce Cloud returns if the application is ready.

Go to the application directory to install, then send the application by launching the Git commands below.

$ git remote add akinon {CLONE_URL}
$ git push akinon {branch_name}

Before an application can be issued under a project, it needs to be compiled in Akinon Commerce Cloud. In order to enable compiling, the user needs to create the stable version.This can be done by entering tag commands on Git. Then the newly created version must be sent to be code storage in Akinon Commerce Cloud.


$ git tag 1.0
$ git push akinon --tags

Once the version label is sent, compiling can be conducted on CLI.

  • akinoncli application build {app_id} {tag}

The compiling process is initiated for the specified version label of the application.

app_idApplication IDYes
tagVersion label to be compiledYes


$ akinoncli application build 1 1.0

  • akinoncli application versions {app_id}

Lists the compiled versions of the application.

app_idApplication IDYes

If the listed version is completed, it means the related application version is ready to be issued. An application cannot be issued on its own. It needs to be ProjectAppadded within a project as . The ProjectApps can be issued with the compiled stable version of the application.


Projects in Akinon Commerce Cloud refer to the ecosystem, where various applications gather to operate in an integrated manner. When a project is created, the Omnitron application developed by Akinon is automatically added to the project and launched. The Omnitron application lies at the heart of a project.

  • akinoncli project list It lists projects.

  • akinoncli project create {name} {slug}

It creates a projects.

nameProject NameYes
slugProject Slug (It should be unique.)Yes