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Getting Started

Project Zero is a base for building scalable, easy to use and feature-rich e-commerce sites. The project is built with both developers and end-users in mind, offering benefits such as;

  • Including every standard e-commerce features (and more) out of the box
  • Enabling rapid development with ease of use
  • Offering great user experience with accessibility in mind
  • Having blazing fast web performance


Project Zero uses Django framework, which is "the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines". While Project Zero includes pages for everything you would need on an e-commerce site, you are not left in the dark when you want to add new pages. With Django, you can do that with just a few lines of code and when paired with Jinja templating engine, your pages will be ready to go live in no time.


With Project Zero, you will be able to take advantage of many technologies, all of which are designed to enable you to build and deliver great user experiences. Our user interfaces are powered by web components, which are spec compliant and extensible, allowing you to create custom buttons, inputs, modals, forms and more faster than ever.


Project Zero comes with custom yet extensible design out of the box. Using TailwindCSS, a utility-first CSS framework, Project Zero allows you to bring any design idea to a live website with ease. Ability to manage and customize your design within a single configuration file enables development without boggling in complexity. Either use pre-defined utility classes or define and apply your own custom classes.


While Project Zero tries it's best to cover all your e-commerce needs, it also avoids being a giant project with features you will never use. With our plugin-style helper applications, you will be able to install and use specific features on demand. Add support for more payment methods, gift boxing, SMS verification and more with a few lines of code and only when you need them.