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Basic Setup

Project Zero is a base for rapidly building feature-rich e-commerce sites. It is powered by Django framework, Jinja templating engine, jQuery JS library and SASS CSS preprocessor.


It is recommended to use yarn as your package manager.

brew install yarn # only for mac users
npm i -g yarn # for non-mac users

Initiate and update git submodule :

git submodule update --init

Create and activate a virtual environment using Python 3.x:

python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate

Install pip packages:

pip install wheel # for ubuntu users
pip install -r omnife_project/requirements.txt
# if project includes additional libraries such as pz-otp
# (you can validate this by checking if a requirements.txt exists in project root)
pip install -r requirements.txt

Copy example environment file:

cp .env.example .env

Run migrations:

python migrate

Start local Django development server:

# port number can be changed but make sure to use "0:"
python runserver 0:8000

Setup node modules (on a new terminal/tab):

cd templates/
yarn install # npm install

Start development server:

# with live reloading and clean webpack output
yarn dev # npm run dev