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Omnife Project Submodule

Project Zero uses Django as the web framework. Some of the Python codes and Django-related codes required for the system to work are located in the omnife_project submodule and some are in the omnife_base directory. This submodule is necessary for the project to work correctly.


Most of the settings, view and url files required for the project are located under the omnife_project/omnife directory. These files are grouped according to the features as follows.


A Django project works with views, and in Project Zero, these views are defined in files under the omnife_project/omnife directory. For example, views created for addresses are in the omnife_project/omnife/address/ file.


In Django projects, urls are located in the file. In Project Zero, similar to views, all urls are located in the file in the respective directory. As an example, urls for addresses are defined in the omnife_project/omnife/address/ file.


Project Zero communicates with the backend through services. Each service file is located in its own directory, similar to views and urls. For example, the service file for addresses is the omnife_project/omnife/address/ file. Each of these services is extended from the Service class in the omnife_project/omnife/core/ file and uses the methods of this base class.


Since Project Zero was created with the Django infrastructure, all project settings are defined in the file. Most of the settings are in the omnife_project/omnife/ file.