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Multilanguage & Translation

Adding Required Settings

The infrastructure required to add multilanguage support has already been implemented in Project Zero. Languages ​​to be used and default language should be added to the settings.



('tr', 'Türkçe'),
('en-us', 'English')

Creating Language Files

In order to create the relevant language files, a "locale" directory must be created in the root directory of the project. In addition, the corresponding directory for each of the language codes in must be created under "locale". (Example: locale/en, locale/fr etc.)

After the directories are created, the following commands should be executed to create editable language files (.po).

For translations in Django templates:

python makemessages --ignore venv

For translations in Javascript:

python makemessages -d djangojs --ignore node_modules

After executing these commands, .po files will be created under the relevant directory for each language. (Example: locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/django.po, locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/djangojs.po).

After the necessary translations are made in these files, the .po files must be compiled with the following command.

python compilemessages -l en

Changing Language

To change the language, the language code must be passed to the setlang url with the language parameter. Example:


language: en-us