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Project Zero is a foundational framework designed to create scalable, user-friendly, and feature-rich e-commerce websites. This project is built with consideration for both developers and end-users, serving as a storefront project that caters to the needs of both.

Project Zero conducts its operations through continuous communication with Commerce. Commerce, functioning as a bridge, facilitates integration with other Akinon products, enhancing Project Zero's efficiency.

Technological Advancements

In the development of Project Zero, we are committed to staying at the forefront of the latest technologies and seamlessly integrating these cutting-edge advancements into our project's development process. At Akinon, we don't just keep a watchful eye on technological innovations; we actively participate in the integration and testing of these technologies within the project.

This approach ensures that our project is continually open to refinement, with the goal of enhancing the user experience, boosting performance, and meeting the evolving needs of the future, all while being built on the following latest technologies.

Project Zero Capabilities

Multi-Language Support

Project Zero offers multi-language support to meet users’ needs. This feature simplifies the transition between different languages, aiming to deliver a user-friendly experience.

Multi-Currency Support

Project Zero also provides support for multiple currencies, allowing for the display of product prices in the preferred currency and enabling payments in that currency.

Theme System

Project Zero enables users to create customizable themes, providing the flexibility to create themes tailored to specific needs with different color palettes, layouts, and style options.

Plugin System

One of the key features of Project Zero is its modular plugin system, offering flexibility and extensibility. This system allows for the integration of various plugins stored in separate repositories, each serving specific functions.

The active list of plugins includes:

  • Masterpass: This package allows users to make payments with cards registered with Masterpass on the payment page. It also enables actions such as listing registered cards, adding new cards, and removing cards.

  • GPAY: This package facilitates payments with 'Garanti Pay' on the payment page.

  • OTP: This package provides SMS verification (OTP) support for processes like registration and updating profile information.

  • Click & Collect: This package activates the in-store pickup option.

  • Basket Gift Pack: This package allows for the addition of gift wrapping and gift notes to products on the cart page, or simply the inclusion of gift notes.

  • Checkout Gift Pack: This package enables the addition of gift wrapping for products on the payment page.

  • Checkout Providers: This package is used to incorporate various payment methods, including the Akifast payment method.

  • Redirection Payment: This package is used to enable payment options involving redirection on the payment page.