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Basic Setup


The App Maker mobile application can be expanded and scaled based on the requirements of an ecommerce mobile application, with ease of use and an enriched structure in terms of features. In line with this structure, the application also includes certain features providing convenience for developers and users alike. Some of these features are:

  • All the features and more expected from an ecommerce mobile application

  • Opportunity for easy development thanks to its rich environment and framework infrastructure

  • Designs that prioritize user experience via easy-to-learn user interface

  • The ability to create a thorough ecommerce application infrastructure and to manage content and deployment processes thanks to App Maker


The App Maker mobile application fulfills all the requirements of an ecommerce mobile application and more and uses React Native for its reliability, abundant community support, and opportunity for developing hybrid applications. It enables the management of applications with customizations available on App Maker in terms of mobile application features (splash screen, logo, notifications, etc.), third-party analytics tools and modules, and processes such as Codepush deployment, through native configurations via platform-specific scripts.


This includes the development that might be required or used by the App Maker mobile application. It provides ready components that can be used for screen development, global state management, navigation and routing processes, validation infrastructure, third-party analytics, CodePush management, and initializing the application.

App Maker

This structure fulfills the need to create, manage, and maintain the App Maker mobile application. Its enriched and customizable config structure aims to provide easy content management within the application. Its CLI feature enables convenient downloading of the projects via the terminal to start development. It can manage the development processes of the project together with akinon server, publish it in markets, and manage versions.

Basic Setup

The command below can be used to set up the current project.


$ app-maker project create

In order to set up a project with a new template:


$ app-maker project install