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Integrator - Comprehensive Integration Services

Integrator offers a suite of integration services for synchronizing pricing, stock, product information, image handling (including Image and ImageS3), and optimizing order-related operations (including Order, Order Status, and Order Cancellation). It provides a robust and flexible solution to meet all your integration needs.

The data originating from the ERP system (including stock, pricing, product information, image, order status, etc.) is processed and written into Omnitron. In the case of order data, Integrator efficiently reads it from Omnitron and securely writes it back into the ERP systems.

Once brands upload product images to S3 Buckets, Integrator reads and writes these images into Omnitron using the Image S3 flow within the Integrator.

Integrator also includes a built-in logging system as part of its internal logging mechanisms. It retains logs for up to 15 days before automatically deleting them. These logs hold a record of data transmitted through the Integrator.

Moreover, Integrator allows for the integration of OMS (Order Management System) into its flow, enabling streamlined tasks such as invoice processing and stock management.

Main Functionalities of Integrator

1. User-Friendly Integration Flow Designer:

  • Integrator offers an intuitive integration flow designer interface.

  • It comes equipped with a library of pre-defined flow components developed by Akinon, making it effortless for partners to configure every step of an integration flow.

  • This includes tasks like reading data from a source, defining transformation maps, and sending data to the target system.

2. Alert Configuration:

  • Integrator provides the capability to set up and configure multiple alerts to proactively handle potential errors or issues in the integration process.

  • These alerts ensure that any anomalies or disruptions are promptly addressed, minimizing downtime and data discrepancies.

3. Comprehensive Log Monitoring:

  • The platform boasts a comprehensive log monitoring functionality that serves as an invaluable tool for identifying errors and diagnosing issues in the integration processes.

  • This robust monitoring system allows for efficient troubleshooting, ensuring that problems are quickly resolved to maintain data integrity and system reliability.

4. Web-Accessible Performance Monitoring

  • Integrator offers a web-accessible performance monitoring interface based on predefined performance metrics.

  • Users can assess the efficiency and effectiveness of their integration flows using metrics such as success rates and average flow times.

  • These insights into the system's overall performance allow for continuous optimization and fine-tuning of integration processes.

Integrator is a robust platform that facilitates data integration while prioritizing reliability, stability, and performance of essential processes. It offers technical tools and extensive functionalities for configuring intricate integration flows and monitoring system performance.