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Getting Started

What is it?

Instore aims to improve the in-store experience and to ensure that the brands quickly meet the needs of their customers. This front-end application allows brands to use product features of the Brands Website, Omnitron and OMS within their actual stores in a seamlessly way,with integrated store and staff management functionalities.

Instore allows us to use the full power of Omnichannel shopping experience to fulfill and enrich customers' requests with ease. Along with these product features, Instore App can bring all the functions which are used in brands' Webshop such as online campaigns, stocks, collections and users within actual stores.

Services you can use with Instore:

  • Online Sales from Store
    • Shop from online catalogs
    • Order on behalf of customer (GDPR compliant)
    • Register a new customer
    • Multiple payment options such as Pay with QR, Cash, and IVR
  • Return from Store Capability
    • Partial or full returns of online orders
    • Select return reasons predefined at Omnitron
    • POS-integrated money refunds on Omnitron
  • Click & Collect
    • Order to your store even if the full power of OMS system is not used
    • Notify customers via SMS or email when their orders ready to pick up
    • Notify customers via SMS or email when they can collect their orders
    • OMS futures to use omnichannel order management process between your stores, such as transfer of orders
  • Packing & Transfer Order Capability
    • Monitor the status of ongoing packages
    • Collect customer orders
    • Ship products
    • Transfer order products to customer
    • Monitor the status of ongoing package transfers

How it works

The project to use the Instore App must have Commerce, Omnitron and Omnitron FE as part of mandatory integration.

Instore App provides the functions mentioned above through integration with Commerce, Omnitron, Omnitron FE and OMS. For adding packaging orders and transfer orders functions, OMS (Order Management System) must be integrated with Instore.

The brand defines the functions to be used in Instore App and desired functions can be applied with these integrations. After installing Akinon Instore App to a project, the application automatically has the mandatory and optional integrations. Configurations must be done after the installation as you can follow from Instore Tutorials.

NOTE: In case of integrating the Instore App in Akinon Commerce Cloud with the brand's Omnitron which is not in the cloud, you should follow the steps described in the section Omnitron Integration for integration.