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SMS Flows

This part of the document contains the list of services that can be integrated in flows above. 2 configuration parameters will be shared during integration:

usernameUsername for basic authentication
passwordPassword for basic authentication

send-sms (POST)

This service is used to send a SMS. Use '/n' escape char to add new line.



Request Headers

x-akinon-request-idUnique ID for problem solving & tracing.
x-akinon-api-versionAkinon Customer API version.
Authorization“Basic {BASE64_encoded(username:password)}”

Request Body raw (json)

"from": "", //e.g. AKINON
"to": "", //in E-164 format, e.g. +905323001020
"text": "",
"isOtp": false //OPTIONAL, default: false

Response 201 (with no body)

Response Body For Errors (ALL)

If any errors are encountered in the services, these errors should be reported in the format below, and the list of error codes should be shared with Akinon.

Response Body raw 4xx/5xx (json)

"errors": [
"code": "",
"field": "",
"message": ""