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The Channel App Template project has been prepared with the aim of providing a template for future integrations with different marketplaces on the Akinon Commerce Cloud (ACC).

For companies having the requisite technical expertise, this Channel App Template project presents an opportunity to integrate with their preferred marketplaces.

To do this, they need to clone the project, develop the necessary commands, and make customizations that are unique to their target marketplaces in flows such as product, stock, and price. Following these steps, it can be installed on ACC as a new application.

When tests are completed in the local environment, and the necessary jobs are considered ready, it will be necessary to deploy the improvements or test them on servers.

To initiate this process, you need to create a project and an application within ACC. You can easily accomplish this by following the guidelines outlined in the ACC Tutorials available on the Akinon Developers Platform. If you have previously completed these steps for the same application, you can proceed directly to the section for submitting the code and tags.

Technologies and Libraries‚Äč

  1. Python 3.8
  2. Celery 5
  3. omnisdk
  4. channel_app
  5. Flower [Optional]
  6. Celery [Optional]

You can also find the relevant project on GitHub.