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Getting Started

Akifast is more than just a secure payment gateway; it's a comprehensive solution designed to enhance your online shopping experience. With its cutting-edge "one-click solutions", Akifast not only safeguards your information but also revolutionizes the purchasing process by eliminating the need for password input and bypassing lengthy login procedures. This dual functionality not only accelerates transaction speed but ensures an overall faster and more efficient shopping journey. Additionally, Akifast's seamless integration with checkout processes streamlines the payment process, providing users with a hassle-free experience from product selection to final purchase confirmation.

What sets Akifast apart is its commitment to not only simplifying payment transactions but also introducing an innovative feature for fast login to your preferred online shopping destinations. This gateway acts as a bridge, streamlining the entire shopping experience by providing a quick entry point to your favorite online retailers.

Akifast HPP (Hosted Payment Page) is a payment solution designed to simplify the payment process and provide a secure shopping experience for customers. Merchants integrate the fast pay button into their websites, which creates a payment session and then redirects the user.

Customers go through Akifast HPP to complete their purchases, and the payment transactions take place on this secure platform.

The advantages of Akifast HPP include:

  • One-Click Checkout: HPP simplifies the checkout process with its one-click checkout feature, enabling users to complete transactions swiftly and effortlessly. This functionality significantly enhances the user experience by minimizing friction during the payment process.

  • Quick Payment Button on the Product Detail Page: Akifast facilitates quick payments by integrating a prominent payment button directly on the product detail page. This feature enables customers to initiate transactions without navigating through multiple pages, and aims to increase conversion rates for merchants.

  • Card Storage: Akifast securely stores users' payment card information in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS Level 1), This ensures hassle-free payments for repeat purchases without the need to re-enter card details each time, while also safeguarding sensitive payment information and protecting against potential threats.

  • Address Storage: By storing users' shipping addresses securely, Akifast simplifies the checkout process further. Thereby, users can easily complete their purchases across various brands' websites without the need to register separately, using their registered card and address information from a single system provided by Akifast.

The Akifast Hosted Payment Page (HPP) documentation encompasses the following key processes, and adhering to these steps is crucial for the successful configuration:

1. Login - Authorization:

Ensure a secure login and authorization process to establish a connection between the merchant and Akifast. Akifast provides a fast and secure login flow with the OAuth2 protocol.

2. Payment Session Creation:

Facilitate the creation of a seamless payment session, allowing for a smooth and efficient payment experience for both the merchant and the Akifast user.

3. Redirection to the Payment Page:

Effectively redirect users to the dedicated payment page, optimizing the overall user experience while ensuring the security and integrity of the payment process.

Access Points for Akifast API and OAuth2 Server‚Äč

The provided URLs serve as crucial access points for developers to interact with the Akifast APIs and OAuth2 server. These distinct links cater to different stages of development and production, facilitating testing and transition to a live environment.