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Invoice & Pay On Delivery Service

This service includes Invoice and Pay On Delivery flows.

Pay On Delivery - Omnitron

  • When an order is created with pay on delivery, the Order Management System (OMS) queries the pay_on_delivery_transaction_amount service in Omnitron. This service, which contains the amount_without_loyalty_money value, is used to add this information to the package.

  • The amount_without_loyalty_money value is the order amount minus the portion paid with loyalty money. For example, if the order amount is 100 TL and the loyalty money amount is 30 TL, then the amount to be paid at the door is 70 TL.

  • This service is directly called from Omnitron, and no action is taken on the OMS side. To track this amount, the pay_on_delivery_amount field in the shipment information on the package is used. You can also check the discounted portion and the final payable amount in the payment information section of the order on Omnitron.

Invoice - Omnitron

  • In OMS, invoice processing is not carried out. Invoice information is obtained from a remote invoice service.

  • To retrieve invoice information, the configuration setting for state transitions must include remote_invoice_call.


When this setting is configured, the invoice information for an order is fetched from the remote invoice service.

  • Additionally, if the parameters generate_invoice_url":true and generate_invoice_number":true are added to the same configuration, the invoice number and invoice URL are created on the OMS side.

  • If these settings are not provided, the invoice information is directly obtained from the remote invoice service. The invoice number and URL information on the invoice service are used.

  • This setting is only available for the following commands;

    • CompletePackagingCommand
    • CompletePackagingWithoutShipmentCommand
    • ChannelBasedCompletePackagingCommand
    • ShipThePackageAdvancedCommand
    • UpdateInvoiceOfThePackageCommand

Pay On Delivery - Akinon Invoicer

The order's pay on delivery amount is calculated using the Akinon Invoicer service.

The pay on delivery amount of the order is calculated using the calculate_pay_on_delivery_amount service. This calculation takes place in the Akinon Invoicer.

  • OMS performs three transactions with Akinon Invoicer:
    • The create_invoice service is used to generate an invoice for the order.
    • The calculate_pay_on_delivery_amount service is used to calculate the pay on delivery amount for the order.
    • The mark_void service is used to cancel the invoice if any issues arise after OMS sends a request.

The generated invoice number is added to the akinon_invoice_number field on the package.

First, the create_invoice service is called. When this service is invoked, an invoice is generated, and the invoice number is added to the ' akinon_invoice_number' field on the package.

Next, the calculate_pay_on_delivery_amount service is called to calculate the pay on delivery amount for the order.

This process occurs when the packaging command is triggered. The existing operations are only completed with the Complete Packaging command.

If an issue arises, the mark_void service is called, and the invoice is canceled. The command throws an exception.

To use Akinon Invoicer in OMS:

  1. First, enter the AKINON_INVOICER setting in the application settings.
  • Example format:

    import requests
    import json
    url = "<omnitron-url>/api/v1/oms/settings/application_settings/"
    payload = json.dumps({
    "key": "AKİNON_INVOICER",
    "json_value": {
    "urls": {
    "base_url": ""
    "auth": {
    "username": "<sample username>",
    "password": "<sample password>"
    "timeouts": {
    "read": 5,
    "connect": 30
    headers = {
    'Authorization': 'Token <token>',
    'Content-Type': 'application/json'
    response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data=payload)
  1. When this setting is entered, the invoice and pay on delivery process will proceed through Akinon Invoicer.