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How to Deploy an E-Commerce Application

A build should be taken before deploying the application. For instance, in order to launch the brand website, you need the take the Project Zero build, create an association with the Commerce it will be connected to, and then to deploy.

Attention Once the project is created, Omnitron backend, Omnitron frontend and Commerce will automatically be established by the system.


Follow the below steps to proceed with the build process:

1 - Enter My Applications screen from the left menu, and copy the application's repo URL established while creating the Project Zero application

Attention If the notice "You do not have a public key, please add a new one." shows up in the URL line, you need to add a public key. Please see the related page to add a key.

2 - Connect to repo with the git remote add command

git remote add <remote_name> <copied_repo_url>

3 - With the git push <remote_name> command, the related repository will be pushed to the newly added remote

git push <remote_name>

4 - Get the tag with the git tag <tag_name> command and push with the tag

git tag <tag_name>
git push <remote_name> <tag_name>

5 - On My Applications screen, click on the settings icon on the right of the related application line, and then click on Build in the dropdown list

Attention Alternatively, you can click on the Build button on the Version screen.

6 - Enter the previously established <tag_name> in the Tag field in the pop-up window.

Subsequently, the system will initiate the build process after accessing tag data of the related application. Version

7 - When the build process is completed, the status of the related tag will turn to "completed"

Lead to the version page

Connecting to Commerce

1 - Select the project to add the application and click on the "Add New Application" button

2 - In the pop-up screen, select the application to be added to the project from the upper field (ex: Project Zero), select the Commerce application to be connected to the application from the lower field, and click on the add application button

You will have added the application to the project and defined the Commerce application to feed the application.


1 - On the project screen you want to deploy, choose the application to deploy the build.

Attention Only builds with a "completed" status can be deployed.

screen image needs to be changed

2 - In the pop-up window, insert the build tag to be deployed.

3 - Deploy status can be monitored in the "Setup Status" column in the applications list.