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How to Deploy Live Commerce

To add the Livecommerce service to your project on the platform, you must go to the project detail screen. You can click the Add new service button and select the Live Commerce service and start the installation.

You can see on the screen that the installation phase has started.

In order for the service to be fully installed, we need to see the installation status is deployed. This status indicates that the service has been installed in your project.

You will be directed to the service detail screen where you click on the deployed service. On the detail screen, click on this URL that will meet you with the URL address, and you can start the Live Commerce installation.

Live Commerce Application Preparation

Step 1: Omnitron user and password is sent to Akinon.

Step 2: Static collection is created with the products to be listed in livecommerce on omnitron.

Step 3: Special page is created with the livecommerce static collection that was created in Step 2

Step 4: Customer creates a livecommerce event on Livecommerce.

User Guide - Adding a Stream Key

Stream platform information which is received from the customer side is defined on “Stream Keys” screen.

  • Defined platforms are listed.
  • The edit button can be clicked to update the events information.
  • To add a new platform, “Add Stream Key” button can be clicked.

  • Choose stream platform ( Youtube and Mux is just available now )
  • Give a name to the live commerce channel
  • Enter Stream Key
  • Where it says "Your channel Id", enter your channel id.
  • Click “Add Stream Key”

User Guide - Creating a New Live Stream

After created stream channel from stream keys section , you can create an livecommerce event from Live stream section.

  • Scheduled events are listed.
  • The edit button can be clicked to update the scheduled events.
  • To add a new event, “Add Live Streams” button can be clicked.

  • Give a name for this event
  • Select events start date and time
  • Select events end date and time
  • The Stream Key Slug is selected among the channels which are entered before from Stream Key screen.
  • Select the sales channel of the collection, which includes the products to be described in the event.
  • The special page is selected which is created for the collection before
  • The status of the event is active by default.
  • Click “Add Live Stream” to create new event.
  • Events cannot be created on the same day and time with the same stream channel.

  • Second page for creating landing page.
  • Give a title for video
  • Write shopping page url , thats for what will be the url extension of the custom page
  • Select button color, what will be the color of the add to cart button
  • Click “ Generate HTML “

User Guide - Starting a Live Stream

  • Scheduled events are listed.
  • Click “Start Stream” button for start livecommerce event. You can start the livecommerce event on mobile as well. Livecommerce has the mobile version.
  • For checking our application settings, click “Stream Test” before start events .

  • Device camera will turn on automatically
  • On the right, the products in the collection that will be presented at the event are listed.
  • The livecommerce event is started by clicking the camera record button.
  • Whichever product is on offer, that product can be highlighted with the "Highlight" button.
  • If a product does not want to be highlighted in the livecommerce event, the "remove the product described" button can be clicked.
  • The order of the products can be changed before the livecommerce event.
  • Click “Change Product Order” button to change order.
  • Click on the product you want to change the order of and drag and drop it wherever you want.

User Guide - Watching on Landing Page

  • When the livecommerce event is started, customers can watch it from the link which is sent to them.
  • The products highlighted during the livecommerce event are displayed on the customer side at the same time.
  • During the livecommerce event, customers can view and purchase all the products in the collection.