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Commerce Cloud allows using products in the Akinon ecosystem through cloud technology. This document will explain functional capacities of the product using partner, developer and brand terminology.


You can create projects for multiple brands on Partner Commerce Cloud screen. Each project should center on products and applications. The test environment should be opened as a separate project.

To create a new project, login to the product and click on Projects in the dropdown menu on the left. This will list all projects of the Partner.

To create a new project, click on the Add New Project button on the page.

To setup a project for a new brand, a user authorized to create projects should follow the steps for adding projects. Initially, related fields should be filled in the project details page.

  • Project Name: The brand name can be used. It should be a unique name.
  • Slug: It is the unique value that defines the project and it should be specific to each project. It is used for communication between services. For instance, a project-specific slug information is used to create a Sentry account.

Then click on the Apply button. You will be redirected to the plan selection screen for the specified project.

Partner selects the plan in accordance with the business contract. Invoice amounts calculated for each plan are dynamically presented to partner. Products included in each plan are also displayed.

Finally, the license agreement is signed and project setup concludes.

By default, Omnitron and Omnitron Front-end shows up in project details. Services are created. Username and password are assigned randomly.

Adding Applications and Services to the Project

Go to project details of the project and add services and applications from the details tab.

Go to Project details and install services and applications available in the Akinon ecosystem. When the installation is complete, Omnitron and Commerce services are inserted in the project by default.

When you click the Add Application button, applications available in the Akinon ecosystem are listed. Select an application and add it. Without being deployed first, applications cannot be used or related URL cannot be created even if the application is added.

Selected application has been added and, as seen in the image, URL data is not available. Click on it and install Application to the project.

From the successful last tag, the application is installed on the project.After the application is installed, the url and version information is created.The commerce information that the application is connected to is displayed.You can also view the application's logo and description.

My Applications

You can go to application details or add new application on the screen that lists all applications viewed by the Partner.

You can view summary information about applications on the list screen. By reviewing the fields in the table, you can see whether the application's operating status is confidential or open to everyone . Edit column has been added for you to edit some fields on the application.

When the application is clicked, it is directed to the application detail page.On the detail screen, the information on which tag your application is used in which projects is displayed.

You can deploy the application in more than one project.For this, simply mark the desired projects and click the deploy selected project button.Add the tag information to the pop-up that opens after clicking the button.You can quickly search for the project using the search bar.

You can click on the Deploy button and get the version with the tag information from the build.

On the same page, there is the build action where we will upgrade the version of the application.You can manage the version of the application here. You can see the version information that works perfectly in the versions table in the stable version column.

When building the application, the information about which edits have been made in this version is entered in the notes field.

The list includes the application's entire version history. In addition, the list shows which tag the developer used for the taking build for the application. Furthermore, different tags can be used for each project. The build process can be launched on any tag in each project. The "complete" and "failed" statuses shown in the status column indicates whether the application is available for the specified tag or not.

Build process can also be initiated with the build button on the version page.

Add New Application

Go to the list screen, click on the Create New Application button, fill in the empty fields in the pop-up page and add the application to the list. To add an application to a project, you need to create the application first.

Choose the appropriate application type for your application from the automatically displayed application types. Logo and description should be added for the application.The application logo is displayed where the application is used.

Users cannot view application details in accessible applications unless they own the application. However, access to any project can be granted through authorization. All partners with project creation and application addition rights can add applications.


You can access application documents in the support menu. All feedbacks are submitted in the support menu. You can open a task in jira for your requests. For this, click on Akinon Partner Support Portal.Click on document links to access our technical documents.

Profile Menu


You can make adjustments to your profile on the platform.You can set an avatar to your profile.

You can change your password on the platform from this page.

You can easily control the language selection in which you will use the platform.

Settings Menu


You can access the users menu under settings. Users list shows current users on the system. General user information is presented in a summary table. To add new users or to edit a user, click on the edit button.The active or passive statuses of the user in aws are displayed in this list.

When you want to add a new user, fill in the fields on the screen and assign a role to the user.


Roles assigned when adding a new user are the roles defined in this page. Roles page lists all added roles.To create a new role, click the add new role button. If the current role is to be edited, the edit button should be clicked on the list.

You can manage which privileges the role will have access to, by moving it from the left to the right.

Public Keys

You should add a public key to edit the code commit repository created for your application in the Akinon ecosystem. This process is supervised by the developer. 5 public keys can be added. You can paste it with any public key label.

You can delete the public key with the delete button.

When adding a new public key, you must add a label.