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How to Use Domains

After creating a project on the Akinon Commerce Cloud (ACC) platform, partners can add services and applications to the project, and the system creates a URL for the relevant services. This URL data can be found on the service and application detail pages.

When a B2C site like Project Zero will go live, the URL of this site is changed to the purchased domain from the Domains menu on the platform, not the URL created by the system.

How to use the Domains menu?

Go to Domains from the left side menu on the platform and then, you can add new domains by clicking on +Add New Domain

On this page, you will usually see the concept of hosting and the concept of domain. To explain the terms between hosting and domain, the domain name is the physical address of a website, while web hosting is a service for hosting content. Domain names are shortcuts created for visitors to access the site. Domain names are completely digital and stored in a central database.

Hostings is called a server because it presents your site to people who visit your site. When a URL address is entered in the browser (, a request is sent to the server where your site is located. This server uploads the files to the user’s device over the internet. Following this, your website will appear on the user’s computer. A domain name is the physical address of your site. Domains direct visitors to the server.

Filters and existing host addresses are displayed on the listing page. If there is a registered certificate in the system for the added host addresses, you can view it by clicking on show certificate.

If no certificate has been added, you will be redirected to the detail page where you can add new certificates by clicking on Add New Certificate

The Client and Akinon filters displayed in the list represent the ownership of these domains. “Client” is selected for certificates that are externally verified and controlled by the partner. In Akinon selection, certificate ownership is managed through Akinon.

How to add a Domain?

Click on Add New Domain in the Domains list. This will open a form for adding domains.

This form allows you to add the domain information that will be displayed to the end user in a live environment. “Client” must be selected for externally verified domain names. After clicking on Apply, the new domain will be added to the domains list. The domain then awaits a certificate.

The created domain is registered in the domains list and the system notifies the user that the domain has been successfully added.

How to add a certificate to a Domain?

A certificate must be added and verified for the relevant domain. Clicking on Add New Certificate will redirect you to the form for adding certificates. If there is already a certificate added for this domain, it is listed and selected in the certificates field, but since this domain is a new domain, a certificate must be added.

The certificate information to be verified based on the added domain is entered into the field in the form. Fill “www” to the “fully qualified domain name” field. Click on Apply. The certificate is automatically displayed in the Please choose field.

For domains to be managed by Akinon, the partner adds the NS records displayed in the hostname field to the environment where the domain is hosted. This data is shown in the hostname field. This will only be shown if Akinon is selected. It will not be shown if Client is selected. The A Record of the domains to be managed by Akinon is entered by Akinon during the transition. The A Record is not available on the platform.

The CNAME record of the certificate created for the domains to be managed by Client is sent to the partner. After the partner adds this record, the certificate validation is complete. The A Record of domains that are not on the ACC platform and will be managed by Client must be provided to the partner by Akinon. The Partner must add the A Record to the managed environment.