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How to Update S3 Bucket


The document describes the steps and system operations to send product photos collectively to the Omnitron.


To access your S3 bucket you need three credentials provided by Akinon.

  • S3 Bucket Name
  • Secret Key
  • Access Key

You can obtain this credentials as follows :

  • If you are using Akinon Integrator for Image S3 integration your credentials will be available on ImageS3 integration flow you created. You are able to get required credentials under "Activity Base Setting" page after you activate the flow.
  • For other image integrations please contact with Akinon team for the credentials. We will provide necessary credentials for your S3 bucket.

File Format

The format of the file to be loaded must be SKU or basecode of a product reflected in the Akinon OmniPlatform like {SKU} {sequence_no}.{file_type}. Once you have selected the SKU or base_code, you should always upload with the same format. The file extension can be .jpg or .jpeg.

Example: 123123_1.jpg, AB123123_3.jpg

Note: Like the FTP, S3 is a cloud storage that any type of file can be installed. You can get more information from the service website.

How It Works?

System always upload and process the photos that uploaded after the last import date. For example, if the system uploaded photos to S3 on yesterday, the task will only process the next uploaded photos from the date it was imported. If you are using Akinon Integrator for Image S3 integration The working time of the tasks can be determined according to the flow activity settings. If you do not use Akinon Integrator for Image S3 imntegration, The working time of the tasks can be determined according to the working hours of the company.

Key Points

  • Pictures are automatically deleted after 2 weeks of being uploaded.
  • To change the order of photos, you must upload all the photos for each SKU or base_code in your last upload.
  • If you want to upload more images to a product you have uploaded previously, you need to upload the new images together with the previously uploaded images again. On OmniPlatform we check "Last Modified Date" feature of photos, so if the previously added photo appears in S3, you should rewrite or overwrite the photos.
  • The images should be uploaded individually to S3 bucket not inside a file.

How to Connect to Servers?

You can use any application that supports the S3 service. When you follow the steps below, the application will connect to your bucket and will list the files in it.

  • If you have sent us product photos before, they can be listed. This does not interfere with your upload.
  • If you have never sent us photos so far, your S3 bucket will be empty.
  • If the number of files is too large, the uploading of the list may be slow depending on your Internet speed.



Download Here for Windows

Step 1

When you run the app, it prompts you to provide the account details.

  • Account name: You can write anything that reminds you of the purpose of this account. Example: "Akinon Product Photo Uploading "

  • Account type: Amazon S3 Storage

  • Access Key ID, Secret Access Key: The access_key_id and secret_access_key we provided to you. Provide this information and press "Add new account".

Step 2

You will not see the list of buckets because you have restricted authority. So the app will ask you to manually adjust it. Accept this and type in the name of the bucket we supplied you and press "Add External Bucket".



Download Here for Macos

Step 1

Add a new bookmark with the "+" key in the bookmarks tab of the application.

  • Access Key ID: We provide you access_key_id
  • Path: We supply you S3 bucket

Step 2

When you double click on the bookmark you will be asked the Secret Key. You can enter the secret_access_key we provided you.

Upload images to the list with drag and drop.