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How BI Tool Works

Creating a Google BigQuery Account

After BI Tool is set up within the project, you need a Google BigQuery account. Click the “Go to console” button.

Clicking the “Go to console” button will display the screen below. Follow the directions here.

Click the “Create Project” button on the next page.

Enter a project name, and select the location to store data. Then click the “Create” button. After the creating process is complete, you need to generate a project id for Google project. The business-intelligence field below is identical to the project name on ACC. The location, from which the data of this project is received, is displayed in the breakdown menu.

After creating the project, the service-account,json file is generated. It is critical to add the information within this file via the CLI in terms of transferring the data to Google BigQuery.

Below you can find the env set that must be added to CLI.

The content of the service-account.json file, that is generated by Google, needs to be set within CLI with the deploy parameter to the env value


BI_TOOL_TOKEN: You need to enter an alpha-numeric value of 16 characters following token in "Token x16"


BIGQUERY_DATASET: The name of dataset on BigQuery



Click the location where the data is received to display the data on the page. This page displays data dynamically based on the frequency of transferring data to BigQuery.

In order to customize the incoming data into reports, you can write queries in the relevant field.

ACC Setup Requirements

Access project details, and click the “New App” button within the relevant project. The screen displays the pop-up window below. Find the BI Tool application within this pop-up.

Access project details to view the application’s stable version information, URL, and other details. Click the “Install” button.

Clicking the “Install” button will display the application’s deployment information.