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Concept Definitions

Akinon CLI

This is an application designed to enable managing projects and applications on Akinon Cloud Commerce through the command-line interface.

Flora Project

This is the service that contacts other applications in the ACC ecosystem to undertake processes including application creation, builds, deployments, and domain and certificate creation.


It makes all applications and products in the Akinon ecosystem accessible via partners, regardless of location.


Project is created specific to each brand and each project represents a brand. Unique products and applications are contained in projects. Products and applications in the Akinon ecosystem are delivered to brands through the AWS cloud technology.


Applications in the Akinon ecosystem are added to the Commerce Cloud product through partners and developers. For projects with application add-ons, you can select and add applications to projects on the project page.


The developer builds the latest versions of products and applications within projects. The developer undertakes an active role in versioning actions.