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Omnitron stands as a centralized operational hub in Akinon, adeptly managing omnichannel operations within a single center. Users can easily control web sales channels and marketplaces using only Omnitron. It's the main product, and other products work together with it. While other tools rely on Omnitron to function, Omnitron can also work on its own.

Integrating with existing ERP applications, Omnitron empowers business partners to digitally transform their product. Through its advanced catalog management system, along with integrated price and stock modules, products can be managed across all digital channels.

Moreover, Omnitron functions as a dynamic operational hub, providing business partners with the capacity to efficiently monitor and analyze customer interactions and orders across diverse digital sales platforms—ranging from websites and mobile apps to in-store e-commerce setups. This, in turn, equips them with the tools needed to effectively steer their omni-channel sales strategies.

Omnitron Capabilities


Omnitron Dashboard provides users with extensive business statistics based on sales channels. It offers the option to filter by start and end dates along with sales channels to visualize business metrics. The dashboard presents an order table by time zone, showcasing top 5 products, cities, and categories.

Product Information Management

Omnitron streamlines product management across multiple sales channels. Enhance product information through a user-friendly interface, covering addition, editing, and enrichment. This includes product attributes, attribute sets, types, and dynamic collections based on attributes.

Catalog Management

Users utilize catalog management to build a structured catalog and category tree, adding products and linking them to prices, stock lists, and sales channels. Relevant products are placed within their corresponding category in the tree. Products are sorted within categories or collections using algorithms or manual arrangement, ensuring optimal frontend display.

Order Management

Omnitron enables order management across all sales channels, including cancellations, pending approvals, and transaction details. Omnitron periodically executes tasks to fetch and update order information for each sales channel.

Content Management

Omnitron empowers dynamic website creation through content management. Widgets, flat pages, navigation menus, recommendation systems, custom campaigns, and mailing templates can be configured for enriched online experiences.

Campaign Management

Digital campaigns and online marketing are oversaw for selected web sales channels using Omnitron. Campaigns, bulk coupons, and customized discount codes with specific customer conditions can be managed through campaign management.

Payment and Shipping Options

Omnitron simplifies payment management by enabling POS integrations, bank and card management, and more for the selected sales channel. It also streamlines shipping options, allowing customization of fees, discounts, and shipping companies based on regional limits or product attributes.

Key Features

  • Unified Data Integration: Omnitron offers a unified platform for integrating data from diverse sources, including databases, APIs, cloud services, and more.

  • Data Transformation: Omnitron's intuitive mapping features effortlessly convert between diverse formats and structures for smooth data flow across applications.

  • Real-time Data Exchange: Real-time data exchange between connected systems ensures critical information is always up-to-date and readily available.

  • Scalability and Performance: Omnitron is engineered to handle large volumes of data and complex integration scenarios. Its scalable architecture ensures that the data integration processes remain smooth and responsive.

  • Security and Compliance: Akinon places great importance on data security and compliance. Omnitron incorporates robust security measures, such as encryption and access controls, to safeguard sensitive information and adhere to industry regulations.

  • Monitoring and Analytics: Omnitron's built-in monitoring and analytics tools provide valuable insight into data integration processes.

  • Seamless Integration with Akinon Ecosystem: Omnitron seamlessly integrates with other Akinon products and services, expanding its capabilities and providing a comprehensive ecosystem for end-to-end data management.