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Omnitron Integration

When installing Akinon Instore App to a project, the application automatically has integration with Omnitron, and configurations for Instore can be applied via Omnitron from Instore settings.

If the Instore App is to be used for a project with an Omnitron that is not used within Akinon Commerce Cloud, you should follow the steps below:

  1. Install akinoncli

The Instore App reads the Omnitron information from the environment variable. To install Instore with the environment variable defined in the ACC environment, akinoncli must be installed.

Note: akinoncli needs python3 to work.

   $ virtualenv -p python3 env
$ source env/bin/activate
$ pip install akinoncli
  1. Log into AkinonCLI

For the project to be installed, the user who has access to the project should log in.

   $ akinoncli login

  1. Deploy Instore App

After logging in, the project list command can be used to view the current project information.

   $ akinoncli project list {page_number}

projectapp list {project_id} {page_number} command can be used to view the apps connected to the project.

   $ projectapp list {project_id} {page_number}

After learning the ID information of the project and application to be deployed, the deployment operation can be performed by defining the environment variable.

   $ akinoncli projectapp add-env {project_id} {app_id}
MAIN_APP_URL='{omnitron_url}' --deploy

Note: The Omnitron URL should have api/v1 at the end.

  1. Define Commerce App and Instore App by Omnitron

The related script on Omnitron has to be run.

omnitron_url: The Omnitron URL to which the Instore will connect

commerce_channel_id: The ID of the commerce_channel to which Instore will connect

commerce_url:The Commerce URL to which Instore will connect

commerce_remote_id: A high value constant value that is not expected to be defined in the Omnitron at the moment, as there may be other applications in the current Omnitron (positive int)

name: Shop name

username: Commerce user name

auth_token: Commerce user token

Note: If there is no user on Commerce, a user should be created. For this, a script should be run in Commerce.

remote_object_id: The app ID of Instore in the related project

web_url: The URL of Instore in ACC environment Omnitron Displaying Omnitron